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Where Can I Find Menopause Support?

Over the last few years, Galentine’s Day celebrations have become increasingly popular, with February 13th a lovely opportunity to spend time with female friends and show them how much you appreciate them.

Having a support network of female friends can be extremely helpful at many times in your life; when you first have children, when you’re going through a break-up or when you’re in need of company on a prosecco-filled spa day, for example.

During menopause, these female friendships can become more important than ever; other women are the only people who’ll really be able to understand and relate to what you’re going through, knowing what to say, as well as sharing advice and experiences of the ways they’ve found to cope with their symptoms.

Life can get busy though, so there can be times when we can’t all be there for each other - but this doesn’t have to mean taking on menopause alone. There are lots of online support networks for women going through the menopause, and you shouldn’t just rely on your female friends for support and advice in your personal life.

Let’s take a look at where else day-to-day menopause support can be found:

Where to Find Menopause Support Online

Following the #menopause hashtag online is a great place to start. Look for posts tagged with this on Twitter and Instagram, and each day you’ll find new advice, articles on the different symptoms and stages of menopause, and new profiles to follow for ongoing tips and support.

At Menopause Supplements, we post new articles on menopause on our blog and on our Facebook and Twitter profiles every week, so make sure you’re keeping an eye on our social media channels to stay up to date with all of the latest menopause advice.

There are also several online forums where you can chat to women going through a similar experience to yourself - you may even find yourself making new female friendships online to add to your support network.

The Menopause Café Movement

The menopause café movement is also gaining traction, with events now taking place all over the country to provide women with an understanding space where they can meet up with likeminded people to receive menopause support, or to simply chat and take their minds off their symptoms for a few hours. Check online to see if there’s an event coming up near you.

Building social networks and meeting people who understand exactly what you’re going through can help you to feel more supported, and subsequently less anxious and stressed, as feelings of this kind can be exacerbated in menopause.

Talk Menopause…to Everyone

Starting to talk about menopause to people outside of your existing female friendship group will give you more confidence to discuss it in the future, and it will help you to do your bit to break the taboo that can still surround the topic.

Don’t be afraid to bring up menopause with your partner; doing so will help them to understand more about what you’re going through. Knowing how uncomfortable some of your symptoms can be may make them realise why your moods have changed or why you haven’t wanted to be intimate with them, and it might give them more of an idea of the help and support you need from them.

Talk to your boss too and let them know how they could help you, and consider explaining to your children what you’re going through. Gaining an understanding of menopause early on in life will mean the next generation of women will know what to expect from menopause and how to prepare for it, while men should be better equipped to support their female partners.

Natural Supplements to Support You Through Menopause

We all need to start more conversations about menopause to increase awareness and break the taboo, but sometimes, extra support will be needed.

Menopause supplements offer a great natural option, with ingredients like DT56a - the soy derivative found in Femarelle® supplements - mimicking oestrogen in your body, helping you to manage a variety of symptoms and therefore feel more like yourself.

For extra support throughout your menopause journey, explore the Femarelle® range here.