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What Do You Think When You Hear ‘Menopause’?

A brand new menopause documentary, The Truth About…The Menopause, will be airing on BBC1 at 9pm on Monday 26th November, fronted by journalist and TV presenter Mariella Frostrup.

The hour-long programme will take a look at everything from the latest scientific discoveries concerning menopause to exactly what causes a hot flush, as well as the risks of taking HRT.

In addition, the documentary will explore how people in Britain perceive the menopause, and a clip released ahead of the show revealed some very interesting findings.

How Do People Perceive the Menopause?

In a trailer for the programme, Mariella can be seen approaching members of the public, asking them to say the first word that comes into their heads when they hear ‘menopause’.

More than one man is shown looking completely lost for words, as another says ‘pain’ and ‘suffering’. Meanwhile, answers from women include ‘miserable’, ‘old age’, ‘grumpiness’, ‘ageing’, and ‘every woman on the planet’.

In fact, the documentary highlights that 13 million women in the UK are currently affected by menopause, and that whatever age or gender you are, you’ll know someone who’s being impacted by it.

Despite this, the findings of the street research suggest that people still aren’t talking about menopause, as many men seemingly don’t know anything about it, while women themselves view this natural transition in a negative light.

This implies that they are yet to find a way to manage their menopause symptoms, but natural supplements could potentially help.

Transform Your Perceptions of Menopause

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Those bold words are exactly the kind of terms women should be associating with menopause.

We should all pledge to talk about menopause more to break the taboo and negative perceptions that still surround it, and finding natural ways to manage symptoms can also help with this. Shop our collection here.