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What Are the Risk Factors for Early Menopause?

Are you under 45? Has it been several months since your last period or has their flow changed? You could be in early menopause.

Going through menopause several years before you expected to can be difficult to deal with. Not only is there the end of your natural fertility to come to terms with, but also symptoms like hot flushes, a lack of energy and a loss of libido. And as this is happening to you before your peers have even started to think about the onset of menopause, you can be left feeling embarrassed and alone.

Early menopause symptoms can be managed with the help of menopause supplements, but what is it that makes some women more likely to go through it than others?

Study Links Being Underweight with Early Menopause

A 2017 study conducted by doctors from the University of Massachusetts Amherst found that women who fall below the recommended healthy weight for their height during their teenage or early adult years may be up to 30 per cent more likely to experience early menopause.

This could be because their bodies are not getting the nutrition they need in order to function properly, but the researchers acknowledged that further research would be needed to determine exactly why there is a link between being underweight and early menopause.

Kathleen Szegda, who worked on the study, explained: “Our findings suggest that women who are underweight in early or mid-adulthood may be at increased risk for early menopause.

“Up to 10 per cent of women experience early menopause and it is associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and other health conditions such as cognitive decline, osteoporosis and premature death, so these findings have important implications for women.”

These risks are due to the change in hormonal balance that triggers menopause, so it is vital for women to find a way to manage these. Menopause supplements can help with managing these symptoms, thanks to ingredients such as DT56a - which you’ll find in Femarelle® products - mimicking the effects of oestrogen in a woman’s body, contributing towards healthy function.

Early Menopause Risk Can Increase Following Illness

Signs of early menopause can also start to appear following treatment for some illnesses. In rare cases, early menopause can be triggered following certain infections, including malaria and mumps.

Cancer treatment can stop the ovaries from working too - in some cases, this can be temporary, but in others, it can lead to early menopause. Certain types of chemotherapy and radiotherapy can trigger the early onset of menopause, with this risk especially high if the radiotherapy is focused on your pelvis or brain.

Following a hysterectomy or operation to remove the ovaries, surgical menopause - a form of early menopause - can be triggered, leaving a woman experiencing menopause symptoms.

Genetic Risk of Early Menopause

Your genes can influence your risk of early menopause too; if your mum went through it early, you may be more likely to as well.

If your mum went through menopause prematurely, you may want to start looking into ways to manage your hormonal balance earlier. For example, Femarelle® Rejuvenate is designed to be taken as soon as symptoms start to appear when women are in their 40s. And when symptoms begin to get more severe, whatever your age, Femarelle® and other leading menopause supplement brands have a range of options for you to choose from.

Find a way to manage your symptoms that suits you at Menopause Supplements, so you can feel more like yourself, whatever age menopause begins for you.