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Understanding Perimenopausal Symptoms

What Is Perimenopause?

Perimenopause is also sometimes referred to as pre-menopause and most women begin to experience symptoms of it in their 40s.

It refers to the stage in a woman’s life when her natural oestrogen levels begin to drop, as full menopause and the end of her natural fertility approaches.

What Are The Symptoms of Perimenopause?

The first sign of perimenopause tends to be changes to your periods, with their regularity becoming more erratic and their flow becoming noticeably lighter or heavier.

At the same time, you may start to notice changes to your skin, with more wrinkles appearing. This is because oestrogen helps to promote collagen production, which is what keeps your skin looking and feeling plump and youthful.

Hair may become less shiny and more brittle too, and all of this can affect your confidence, contributing to unexpected mood swings.

Difficulty falling asleep is not uncommon during perimenopause either, and this can impact on your general mood and wellbeing.

How Can I Manage Perimenopause?

Perimenopause can feel frightening if you don’t know how to manage your symptoms and you’re worrying that menopause itself will be much worse.

But by finding a menopause supplement that’s designed to help you feel more like yourself again thanks to natural ingredients, you can receive the menopause support you need from perimenopause through to your 60s and beyond.

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