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Ultimate Menopausal Christmas Survival Guide

Managing menopause symptoms can be a challenge at the best of times. But add in the extra stresses of the run-up to Christmas, like battling the crowds to find the perfect gift for everyone from your children’s class teacher to the window cleaner, and trying to cook the best Christmas dinner anyone’s ever had for 15 people, and hot flushes, mood swings and fatigue can feel more inconvenient than ever.

However, you don’t have to let menopause ruin your Christmas, or indeed any other times in your life. There are ways to get a hold on your symptoms, at Christmas time and afterwards, and you’ll find a great range of options at Menopause Supplements.

So, how can you get through the festive period with a smile on your face when menopause is threatening to dominate your Christmas? Let’s take a look.

Be Prepared to Avoid Unnecessary Stress

Preparation is essential in the run-up to Christmas, especially if you want to avoid unnecessary stresses. Your stress levels can be heightened during menopause anyway, as the drop in your oestrogen levels triggers a significant shift in your hormonal balance, which can affect your moods and emotions.

Try to keep feelings of stress at bay by thinking one step ahead and making sure you know the dates for the last Christmas post at the post office, make lists of what you’re looking for before you go Christmas shopping, and try to plan fun activities for festive family gatherings that will keep everyone occupied to avoid arguments arising.

At the same time, it’s important to ensure you’re still making time for yourself, to focus on self-care or whatever keeps you calm and relaxed, to help to keep your stress levels to a minimum.

Continuing to take your menopause supplements could also keep your hormones balanced and your mood calm, so make sure you’re remembering to take the supplement that usually helps you, even while you’re playing the role of Father Christmas/domestic goddess/perfect in-law.

And if you haven’t found the right menopause treatment for you yet, explore our collection of natural menopause supplements for managing symptoms in your 50s here.

Keep Your Cool While Cooking Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner is typically one of the heaviest meals we eat all year. With many families tucking into several types of meat, mounds of roast potatoes, stuffing and piles of veg, all covered in lashings of gravy and cranberry sauce, perhaps preceded by a starter and followed by a rich Christmas pudding, a hot flush is the last thing you need while tucking in.

To keep hot flushes at bay as best as you can during and after Christmas dinner, make sure you’re wearing something breathable, or layers that you can easily remove, and avoid alcohol - both while you’re cooking and while you’re eating. There are plenty of gorgeous mocktail recipes to enjoy at this time of year, including non-alcoholic mulled wine. Alcohol can exacerbate hot flushes and night sweats, so try to avoid it if you’d like to feel comfortable.

Although it can be tempting while you’re sat in front of festive telly to pile Christmas dinner leftovers into a giant sandwich, try not to eat too close to when you’re planning to go to bed. This could help you to minimise your risk of night sweats, allowing you to get a better night’s sleep after a busy day of entertaining.

Managing Mood Swings at Christmas

Emotions can run high at Christmas - for some, it can be a difficult time of year, while having to spend time in close proximity with family members can lead to rows. Meanwhile, teenagers don’t necessarily want to be taking part in family activities, again causing unwanted tension.

To deal with mood swings from teenagers or other family members calmly, you need to be in the right mindset yourself, and you may find that natural menopause supplements can help you to do this.

Femarelle® Recharge, for example, contains vitamin B6 to assist with regulating your hormones during menopause, which could help you to manage your mood swings. Femarelle® are the only food supplements to contain the soy derivative DT56a, which is designed to help with the management of multiple menopause symptoms.

Prepare to Go Into 2019 Feeling Empowered

When you do manage to get a few minutes to yourself, the Christmas and New Year break can be a time for reflecting on the year that’s passed, and preparing for the year ahead. If 2018 has been a challenging one for you because of menopause, create a plan for managing your symptoms in 2019.

Natural menopause supplements can fit easily into your life; taken as part of a healthy lifestyle, they can provide you with the benefits of natural ingredients - often designed to mimic the effects of your body’s own oestrogen - to help you to manage your symptoms.

Find the right menopause supplement for you now, and you could be going into the new year feeling more confident, more comfortable and more empowered.

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