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Sex After Menopause: How to Reconnect

Your sex life after menopause can feel a long way from what it once was. Menopause symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, fatigue and vaginal dryness can massively affect your confidence and how attractive you feel - something World Menopause Day 2018 is aiming to raise awareness of through its focus on Sexual Wellbeing After Menopause.

Our blog on sex after menopause explains the biology behind why your sexual wellbeing is impacted during menopause to help you understand why you’re feeling the way that you are.

To stop menopause from controlling every aspect of your life, including intimate moments with your partner, you need to find a way to manage your menopause symptoms to put you in a better place to reconnect with yourself and with your partner.

Reconnecting with Yourself After Menopause

Before you can make any attempt to get your sex life after menopause back on track, you need to make sure you’re in a good place with how you feel about yourself.

Self-care is important, but when you’re experiencing menopause symptoms due to your hormonal balance changing, this can be more difficult. A nice hot bath with a book might sound relaxing, but when you add hot flushes and menopausal concentration problems into the mix, it’s no longer quite so relaxing.

There are a few lifestyle changes you could make that have been linked with helping women to manage menopause symptoms and improve their wellbeing, including following a healthy, balanced diet, stopping smoking, cutting down on caffeine and alcohol consumption, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Getting enough of certain minerals like calcium and vitamin D is also important to help you feel like the best version of yourself. You can find these in some menopause supplements, such as Femarelle® Unstoppable, and you can try to include more foods rich in these in your diet.

Surrounding yourself with loved ones can also help you to feel better in yourself, but it’s important to be open with the people closest to you so they can start to understand what you’re going through. Hiding how you’re feeling will only leave you feeling worse.

Menopause is a huge transition, so it may take time before you feel more like yourself again. Be patient, take time for yourself, be honest with the people around you, and consider taking a menopause supplement if you need a little extra help.

How to Reconnect with Your Sex Life After Menopause

Once you’re feeling more like your old self, you’ll be in a much better position to start reconnecting with your sexual wellbeing, and with your partner.

Opening up and talking needs to be the first step. Communication is essential for a healthy relationship - without this, you’re not going to be able to reconnect with your other half.

If sex during menopause has been painful in the past, or if you’ve been snappy and irritable with your partner due to mood swings, you should explain why - they may not have even realised that you’ve been going through menopause if you’ve kept it to yourself.

When they understand, you can start to get your relationship back to how it was. Try to schedule time where it’s just the two of you - it'll be easier to reconnect and rekindle that spark if you don’t have too many distractions.

Time, talking and patience will be key, and it’s important to still take time to yourself regularly - keep doing whatever helps you to feel like the best version of you; if that’s taking a menopause supplement, we’re here to help.

Then, the rest should come naturally…

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