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Natural Solutions for Post-Menopausal Symptoms

What Is Post-Menopause?

Post-menopause begins when a woman has not had a period for the last 12 months, meaning her natural fertility has ended.

And, sadly, unwelcome symptoms don’t end with the menopause. Women in their 60s and beyond can experience post-menopausal symptoms, making it hard for them to feel like themselves.

What Are The Symptoms of Post-Menopause?

Declining oestrogen levels during menopause can lead to lower bone density, increasing your osteoporosis risk. This means that you could be at risk of fracturing or breaking bones unless you are managing your bone health in the right way.

Mood swings and difficulty sleeping, which often go hand-in-hand, can continue during post-menopause too, as can hot flushes.

Meanwhile, vaginal dryness can be a problem once you’ve gone through the menopause, making you feel uncomfortable and a long way from sexy.

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How Can I Manage Post-Menopause?

Post-Menopause supplements containing ingredients like vitamin D and calcium to promote bone health and natural extracts to help rebalance your hormones could transform the way you feel after the menopause so you’re more like your old self again.

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