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Natural Solutions for Menopause Headaches

Headaches can be common during menopause. In fact, headaches can occur at any time when your body’s hormonal balance is shifting. Lots of women suffer from bad headaches when they get their periods, for instance.

When you’re dealing with other symptoms of menopause like hot flushes, night sweats, fatigue and mood swings, a pounding headache can make you feel even worse. Paracetamol might provide you with some temporary relief, but if you’re suffering from what feel like constant headaches, it’s likely that you’ll need a little extra help. So, where can you get this from?

Where Do Menopause Headaches Come From?

The drop in your body’s oestrogen levels that triggers the onset of menopause can affect you physically and mentally. This hormonal shift can have a significant impact on your brain, causing you to feel muddled, forgetful, moody and a long way from yourself. It can also lead to headaches, which can be severe when you’re experiencing other menopause symptoms at the same time.

This decline in oestrogen basically puts your body into withdrawal mode, and headaches can be a common symptom of this. When a woman is menstruating, this oestrogen drop is temporary, but hormone levels only get lower from perimenopause onwards, meaning headaches can be harder to shift.

Neck pain is another menopause symptom that affects many women, as falling oestrogen levels can also cause aching muscles and joints. When you’re suffering from menopause headaches, neck pain and other symptoms, you can feel a long way from the best version of yourself.

But there are ways to manage all of these symptoms and get back to feeling the very best you can, taking on your 50s and 60s comfortably and confidently.

Managing Menopause and Headaches

Menopause headaches can be of migraine-level severity, so you may want to follow the advice for managing migraines to try to get a hold on menopausal headaches. For example, keep an eye on what you eat, avoiding foods with a high fat or sugar content, try to get into a regular sleeping pattern and practice relaxation techniques to try to manage your stress levels.

However, life can get in the way of you putting these tips into practice, so it’s great if you can find a solution to help you manage menopausal headaches that will fit easily into your current daily routine too.

Natural menopause supplements can replace the missing oestrogen in your body through plant-derived ingredients, like the soy-based DT56a that is found in Femarelle® supplements. This can help to address your hormonal imbalance, potentially easing a range of menopause symptoms to leave you feeling more like the best version of yourself again.

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