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Brittle Nails in Menopause: Natural Remedies

It’s highly likely that you’ll already know to expect hot flushes, mood swings and changes to your periods during menopause, but did you know that your nails can be affected too?

Brittle nails that flake and break easily are actually a common sign of perimenopause and can stop you from feeling like the most glamorous version of yourself.

But how does your periods stopping affect your nails? And what can be done to manage this, as well as other symptoms of menopause?

Brittle Nails and Menopause

Brittle nails are scientifically known as onychorrhexis and can be characterised not just by brittleness and flaking, but also by peeling, splitting, dryness, white spots, ridges appearing on your nails, your nail tips curling over your fingertips and an overall sunken appearance.

If you pride yourself on having a perfect manicure at all times, developing brittle nails can be a real knock to your confidence, especially if your hair has started to feel thinner, and you’ve noticed a few extra wrinkles too. These are all common signs of perimenopause, and affect many women from their 40s onwards.

Menopause itself is triggered by a drop in your body’s oestrogen levels, which can affect everything from your body’s internal temperature controls to your emotions, and it can also impact your nails. This is because your nails rely on a protective layer of keratin to keep them in a good, strong condition, and hormonal fluctuations in your body can affect this, weakening your nails, causing them to feel brittle.

Managing Menopause and Brittle Nails

There are ways to manage perimenopause symptoms, including brittle nails, but it’s only natural that realising this is what your body is going through could make you worry about other menopause symptoms too.

Menopause supplements, such as Femarelle® Rejuvenate, are designed to help you to manage signs of menopause from your 40s onwards. These natural supplements contain biotin, which could help to improve the look and feel of your hair, and strengthen your nails, giving you a confidence boost.

Femarelle® Rejuvenate also contains vitamin B2, to help regulate your moods, and DT56a, which is a natural soy derivative, designed to mimic the effects of oestrogen in your body, meaning it can support you with managing multiple menopause symptoms.

Start taking action against your symptoms early, and you should find yourself in a better place to navigate menopause, at every stage.

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