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Are Doctors Ignoring Menopausal Women?

Are menopausal women being ignored by their GPs? Is this stopping them from accessing treatments for their menopause symptoms? These were some of the questions explored during last night’s (Wednesday 20th February’s) edition of Inside Out London on BBC One.

Why Do Menopausal Women Feel Ignored?

The report highlighted that prescriptions of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) fell dramatically between 2000 and 2017, decreasing from six million to just 2.5 million. This steep decline is primarily down to studies indicating a link between taking HRT and an increased risk of breast cancer, which has led to many women becoming reluctant to try it, and some doctors wary of prescribing it.

Explaining the issue facing women, Professor Mary Ann Lumsden, senior vice-president of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, said: “People stopped prescribing HRT. They forgot that the menopause occurred and can cause problems for women, the number of menopause clinics decreased dramatically and there is a whole generation of GPs who had no training in menopause medicine at all.”

For some women, this situation has led to them feeling ignored by their GPs, as they are not necessarily presented with alternative options for managing symptoms such as hot flushes and mood swings, leaving them struggling on alone.

During the programme, Dr Renee Hoenderkamp spoke to a group of women who felt this way - one eventually felt as though she had found something that worked for her in the form of bioidentical HRT, which is designed to replicate a woman’s own hormones to help manage symptoms. However, she ended up experiencing uncomfortable breast pain while taking it, and had to come off it and search for alternative solutions.

Natural Alternatives for Managing Menopause Symptoms

If you found yourself relating to the women in the report and feel as though your menopause treatment options have been limited by your GP, there are other solutions available to help you, without you having to worry about the risks associated with HRT.

The Inside Out report explained that an average of 23 in 1,000 women of menopausal age will develop breast cancer, with an extra four cases in every 1,000 among those taking HRT. Typically, more diagnoses will be made among women who smoke or drink to excess, which emphasises the importance of adopting an overall healthier lifestyle for managing menopause symptoms and reducing breast cancer risk.

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