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Acupuncture vs Natural Menopause Supplements

Acupuncture may be one of the options that you come across when you’re researching natural alternatives to HRT to help you to manage your menopause symptoms. But how effective is this ancient Chinese practice for providing relief from modern-day symptoms of menopause?

A recent study claims acupuncture - which involves sticking needles into pressure points around the body to trigger biological responses or to provide pain relief - can ease hot flushes and other common menopause symptoms.

However, acupuncture isn’t a long-term option for everyone - particularly for those with a needle phobia - and how effective is it really for relieving menopause symptoms?

Acupuncture: An Effective Menopause Treatment?

Research carried out by doctors from the University of Southern Denmark found that menopausal women who underwent just five weeks of acupuncture saw symptoms including hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings and difficulty sleeping noticeably reduced when compared to a placebo.

A total of 70 women took part in the study and were divided into two groups - one received weekly acupuncture treatments, while the other was treated as a placebo. The participants were asked to complete a questionnaire at weeks three and six of the investigation, detailing any improvements in their menopause symptoms.

Overall, 80 per cent of the women who had received weekly acupuncture reported that they felt as though the sessions had helped them with their symptoms, indicating that this could indeed be an effective natural way to help women continue to feel their best in menopause.

Speaking to BBC News, Professor Frans Boch Waldorff, one of the study authors, commented: “We can’t explain the underlying mechanism behind acupuncture, nor determine how much of the effect is caused by placebo. But this was a safe, cost-effective and simple procedure, with very few side effects reported by the women.

“Women seeking acupuncture treatment for menopausal symptoms should be informed of the current evidence and its limitations so they can make a decision.”

The Advantages of Natural Menopause Supplements

While acupuncture may provide some relief from menopause symptoms, for those with a phobia of needles, who don’t have a clinic near to them or who remain sceptical about acupuncture’s effects, menopause supplements can be a great natural alternative way to provide you with extra support throughout menopause.

For example, the Femarelle® Recharge supplements we stock contain the natural soy derivative DT56a, as well as vitamin B6 to help with rebalancing your hormones in menopause.

These natural supplements are designed to be taken daily and to fit easily into a healthy lifestyle. It’s simple to incorporate them into your daily routine, rather than having to take time out of your schedule for an acupuncture appointment.

At Menopause Supplements, you can even sign up to receive a monthly subscription to your preferred type of Femarelle®, so thinking about managing your symptoms doesn’t have to dominate your life.

The Most Important Factor of All

Whether you choose acupuncture or natural supplements, it’s incredibly important to make sure you’re following a healthy lifestyle during menopause, as this can help to provide you with extra relief from some symptoms.

For instance, cutting down on your caffeine and alcohol intake, trying to get into a regular bedtime routine, and doing weight-bearing exercises to strengthen your muscles and bones to try to combat your osteoporosis risk in post-menopause could all help you with managing any symptoms you’re experiencing and generally feeling better in yourself.

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